A New and Completely Different Swatch

Diaphane One Turn 2 HerAlmost in contradiction of the original nature of its business model, the Swatch Group announced its creation of a most opulent watch. The Diaphane One Turn 2 Him and the Diaphane One Turn 2 Her are the most expensive watches ever manufactured under the Swatch name. Both watches have skeletonized movements, and escapements and balances that are attached to a platform that rotates within a cage two times per hour. While not true tourbillons, the watches represent a dramatic turn from the Swatches you normally see.

The Turn 2 Him is a limited edition of 130 pieces, and costs $13,500.00. The Turn 2 Her is a limited edition of 50, and costs $8,000. Both are available only through a few of Swatch’s high-end Tourbillon stores. These are not your father’s Swatches!

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