A Pen for the Moon…

I am a little late to the party with this one…

The Fisher Space Pen Moon PenFisher Space Pen Co. “launched” a new pen to honor the 40th anniversary of the first landing on the moon. The pen, a limited edition of 1,000, is of the model AG7-40LE Space Pen. This model is the anti-gravity space pen that flew aboard the Apollo missions.

Sealed into the pen’s cap is a piece of “Kapton” foil, used as protective insulation on the Apollo 11 command module that carried the astronauts to the moon and back. The lid of the presentation case included with the pen is a beautiful rendition of Neil Armstrong’s iconic first footprint on the moon. The case also includes a magnetic display pedestal for the pen, and is engraved with Armstrong’s first words on the moon and information about the trip and the first steps on the moon.

This is one serious collector’s item! It is available direct from Fisher Space Pen Co..

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