Montblanc Marilyn Monroe Tribute

The folks at Montblanc released a Marilyn Monroe Special Edition pen set earlier this month. The addition to it’s Muses line is meant to be a tribute to the iconic star, with its unique design and striking red color. The pen comes in ball-point, roller-ball, and fountain styles. I have not seen these pens in person yet, but am not sure what it would be like to write with a pen with a barrel that is graduated as this one is. The color is beautiful, and the gold accents will be very appealing to many buyers. Click HERE for more information about the Montblanc Marilyn Monroe Muses pens!

Supercomplications Equals Super Expensive!

The World’s “most complicated pocket watch” recently sold at auction. The Patek Philippe gold watch was crafted in 1933 for banker Henry Graves, and is one of the most complicated watches in existance, with 24 complications. The watch, which previously sold at auction for $11 million, made an historic $24.4 million dollars. The auction was handled by Sotheby’s in Switzerland. The watch is one of the Holy Grails of watch collecting, and is considered one of the most important time pieces ever created.

New Parker Pens

Parker Pens has released a new edition of its Duofold Pen collection. The Parker Duofold Centennial Historical Edition comes in three colors; a beautiful big red, lapis lazuli, and white ivorine. Set for delivery in September, these pens are gorgeous. Parker pens have always been at the top of most collectors lists. These new colors will most surely be popular!




One of My Favorite Sites for Pens

I often go looking for different and unique web sites for watches and pens. I can do this for hours, and add tons of new links to my bookmarks file every time I do it. One of my favorite sites, and a real go-to site for me, is I visit it regularly. offers pens that you won’t typically find in America. I love its Buy it For Life section, and the blog always has good tips and news about products and promotions. Check it out here!