Montblanc Marilyn Monroe Tribute

The folks at Montblanc released a Marilyn Monroe Special Edition pen set earlier this month. The addition to it’s Muses line is meant to be a tribute to the iconic star, with its unique design and striking red color. The pen comes in ball-point, roller-ball, and fountain styles. I have not seen these pens in person yet, but am not sure what it would be like to write with a pen with a barrel that is graduated as this one is. The color is beautiful, and the gold accents will be very appealing to many buyers. Click HERE for more information about the Montblanc Marilyn Monroe Muses pens!

Well, Looks Aren’t Everything…

I have seen some unattractive pens in my time, but this new one make take the cake. The Uglee Pen was designed to be comfortable. Unfortunately, the design leaves a bit to be desired. The pen was designed by Dr. James Lee, who received his BS in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University, and his MD from Stanford University School of Medicine. After spending years looking for a comfortable pen, he decided to create one. Thus, the Uglee Pen was born.

The Uglee Pen in black

The Uglee Pen is extremely light, weighing only 11 grams. The lack of weight reduces fatigue in the hand. The grip of the pen extends 2/3 of the way up the barrel, making it easier to grip the pen. Dr. Lee claims that this combination, along with its extremely smooth ink-flow system makes it the most comfortable pen around.

The Uglee Pen is available in seven colors. It is refillable, and refills are available in multi-packs. It can be purchased at the Uglee Pen web site, and from other online pen retailers.

Yet Another Joining of Two Favorite Topics

Tempus PensI am not sure how I did not know about this, but another artisan is combining my two favorite topics, watches and pens. Barry Gross, a craftsman and woodworking artisan created a line of pens that is truly unique and eco-friendly. Old mechanical watch parts, including fly wheels, cogs, and other items from old watch movements, are glued into place over the body of the pen. Once the parts are glued into place, the pen body and cap are coated over a three day period with a non-yellowing acrylic and polished to a smooth finish. The result is a pen with three-dimensional depth to its design. Barry Gross calls the line of pens his Eco-Friendly pens. The watch parts pens join other pens in the Eco-Friendly line, which includes pens crafted from recycled beer caps, cold computer circuit boards, and fountain pen nibs.

Barry Gross is an artisan with over 30 years experience. He works with wood, and pens, and has been featured at pen shows and in pen magazines. His work is amazing, and his watch parts pens are a must for collectors and watch enthusiasts!

…Oh Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I Found It In My Pen…

The Delta Pen Company has a new collection for the holiday season. The Dreidel Collection is a tribute to the story of the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah, and the children’s game of dreidel (Yiddish) or sevivon (Hebrew). The game is played with a four-sided top, emblazoned with letters on the four sides, and candies or other items that are gambled with. Each player spins the top, and either pays in to the pot or receives from the pot based on the letter that shows up on the top.

The Dreidel Collection comes in two varieties, crafted of Italian resin with solid 925 sterling silver trims. The Sevivon (meaning spinner in Hebrew), comes in a Limited Edition of 358 pieces. The Celebration edition is limited to 48 pieces constructed of celluloid with vermeil trim, and a sapphire on the top of the cap. The fountain pen is a lateral lever fill with an 18kt gold nib. The pens are available in black, rose, white and blue. The dreidel is hidden in the top of the pen cap.

Delta Pens are distributed by the Yafa.


We all have secrets. There is one pen designed to hide them for you.

The Scrigno Pen

The Delta Pen Company, designed a pen with a secret compartment in the cap. The Scrigno Collection comes in midnight black, violet, and white hand-turned resin, with a larger barrel for the pen body. The compartment in the cap is large enough for notes or an additional pen refill. The compartment is made from food-grade steel, so it can even be used for pills. The fountain pen comes with a fine, medium, or broad nib, and there is a rollerball version, too.

Have something to hide? Try the Scrigno!

A Most Functional Watch

Back when I worked in retail, I always found myself looking for a pen when I needed one. Indonesian designer Raka Gemma created a watch that would have made my life, and search for a pen, much easier.

The Helix is a beautifully designed digital watch. Its smooth lines and vertical display are very fashion-forward. Worn as a bangle, the watch curls around the wrist like a serpent.  The display looks like a digital ink display, and is colored to create a striking contrast against the smooth plastic finish of the bangle.  When not being worn as a watch, it can be uncurled and used as a ball point pen.

As I said, this pen would be perfect for those who need a fashionable accessory to tie an outfit together, but must have a writing instrument with them at all times.

A Pen for the Moon…

I am a little late to the party with this one…

The Fisher Space Pen Moon PenFisher Space Pen Co. “launched” a new pen to honor the 40th anniversary of the first landing on the moon. The pen, a limited edition of 1,000, is of the model AG7-40LE Space Pen. This model is the anti-gravity space pen that flew aboard the Apollo missions.

Sealed into the pen’s cap is a piece of “Kapton” foil, used as protective insulation on the Apollo 11 command module that carried the astronauts to the moon and back. The lid of the presentation case included with the pen is a beautiful rendition of Neil Armstrong’s iconic first footprint on the moon. The case also includes a magnetic display pedestal for the pen, and is engraved with Armstrong’s first words on the moon and information about the trip and the first steps on the moon.

This is one serious collector’s item! It is available direct from Fisher Space Pen Co..


I have never been good at calligraphy. I do not have the hand control to form the letters perfectly, and my normal handwriting is too irregular. However, I do like writing with calligraphy pens, even if my writing is not up to par. Just using a calligraphy nib makes my handwriting look a little better than it really is.

Several pen companies offer calligraphy sets that will make anyone’s handwriting look a little better. Sheaffer offers several kits for all levels of calligraphy skill. Speedball offers a smaller selection, but excellent quality nibs for practice and other types of calligraphy pens as well. There are kits available from Manuscript, and Faber Castell, as well.

For those looking to create art, or just play like you can (like I do), look for one. It is a great way to have fun with your handwriting, or learn a prettier way to write!