Diplomat Pen offers a pen that it claims has perfect balance. The Diplomat Balance line of pens is supposed to weighted and balanced perfectly for writing. Coming in fountain, roller ball, and ballpoint pens, the line is beautiful to see. Coming in blue (shown), white, and black, the pens do look like they would be well balanced and easy to write with.

The Diplomat Balance pen

The Balance fountain pen comes with either a bold or medium nib, limiting its range just a bit. Some, like me, prefer a fine or extra fine nib in a fountain pen. However, the ballpoint and rollerball pens can be changed from the medium point that they come with to a fine or broad point.

Diplomat Pens has been creating and manufacturing precision writing instruments since 1922. The company’s history is long, and the writing instruments it produces are works of art. I have written with several Diplomat pens, and love how it feels. I think I need to invest again! Diplomat Pens are available at My Diplomat Pens.

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