I have never been good at calligraphy. I do not have the hand control to form the letters perfectly, and my normal handwriting is too irregular. However, I do like writing with calligraphy pens, even if my writing is not up to par. Just using a calligraphy nib makes my handwriting look a little better than it really is.

Several pen companies offer calligraphy sets that will make anyone’s handwriting look a little better. Sheaffer offers several kits for all levels of calligraphy skill. Speedball offers a smaller selection, but excellent quality nibs for practice and other types of calligraphy pens as well. There are kits available from Manuscript, and Faber Castell, as well.

For those looking to create art, or just play like you can (like I do), look for one. It is a great way to have fun with your handwriting, or learn a prettier way to write!

Noodling With the Best…

The August issue of Pen World Magazine has a great article about Noodler’s Ink. Noodler’s Ink is one of the top-quality ink brands in the world. It is made entirely in the United States, and is one of the most economical inks available today. It is non-corrosive, which is very important when filling older or antique pens, and the quality is very easy to see.

I use Noodler’s Ink, and prefer it for my pens. I love the color choices Noodler’s offers–over 65 different shades, including seven highlighting shades. The company even has a fraud-proof ink that can’t be erased from documents with bleach or ammonia. All of the inks are developed in small batches, which ensures the quality of the inks. The inks are all made from quality components, and the production is limited to the components at hand. Again, this is to ensure quality–substitutions are never made for the components of the inks. Nathan Tardiff, the owner of Noodler’s Ink, would never discount the quality of his product.

It is not available everywhere, but I suggest seeking Noodler’s Ink out. If you local pen shop does not stock Noodler’s, ask them to. You won’t regret it!


Diplomat Pen offers a pen that it claims has perfect balance. The Diplomat Balance line of pens is supposed to weighted and balanced perfectly for writing. Coming in fountain, roller ball, and ballpoint pens, the line is beautiful to see. Coming in blue (shown), white, and black, the pens do look like they would be well balanced and easy to write with.

The Diplomat Balance pen

The Balance fountain pen comes with either a bold or medium nib, limiting its range just a bit. Some, like me, prefer a fine or extra fine nib in a fountain pen. However, the ballpoint and rollerball pens can be changed from the medium point that they come with to a fine or broad point.

Diplomat Pens has been creating and manufacturing precision writing instruments since 1922. The company’s history is long, and the writing instruments it produces are works of art. I have written with several Diplomat pens, and love how it feels. I think I need to invest again! Diplomat Pens are available at My Diplomat Pens.

Another Tribute to the Lunar Landing

The accomplishments of Apollo 11, and the lunar landing are the stuff of history and legends.  Omas has created a line of pens to honor the men, and the history of the first trip to the Moon.  This limited edition line of pens was created with the Moon in mind, and it shows.  The ogival shape of the pen honors the shapes and technological achievements of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  The barrel of the pen represents the surface of the Moon after Armstrong took his first steps on its surface.  The carving on the pen clip represents the flight path of Apollo 11’s journey.  The lapis lacquer and lapis lazuli stone of the cap accents the pen beautifully, representing the oceans that cover the Earth.

1000 fountain pens, and 969 roller ball pens were created for this pen, to honor 1969–the year man successfully reached beyond the bounds of our Earth, and landed on the Moon.

The Omas Moon Fountain Pen
The Omas Moon Fountain Pen

Incredible Works of Art

Hubby and I went to the 9th Annual Easton Art Affair this past weekend. While it is a very small arts fair, it is a good one. All of the artists are very talented, and the pieces are usually interesting and beautiful.

This year, Mestari Designs, owned by artisan Stan Cook and his wife, was in attendance. Originally knows as Long Hollow Pens, the name was changed in 2008 to reflect the other items produced by the company. Mestari uses every type of wood imaginable for pens, sketching pencils, and other gorgeous items including platters and bowls. Some of the pens available include pens crafted out of ancient wood from Scotland, antique wood from Ohio and other states, and olive wood from Bethlehem. I was truly impressed with the quality of the pens.

Based in Letart, WV, Mestari Designs offers some unique and beautiful items. I highly recommend taking a look at their web site, and checking to see if they will be at an art fair near you! You can contact them for more information here.

Montblanc Meisterstuck UNICEF Collection

In 2005, the Montblanc Pen Company started the “Sign Up for the Right to Write” campaign in conjunction with UNICEF, in an effort to raise money to help children around the world learn to read and write. The campaign was very successful, and Montblanc has expanded it since then, including celebrity involvement.

The Montblanc Meisterstuck #149 collection is the symbol of the campaign, and a beautiful pen. The nib of each pen is hand engraved with the number 4810, the height of Mont Blanc. The 149 is packaged in a beautiful presentation box, complete with an inkwell. A beautiful pen, created for a beautiful cause! Purchase a Montblanc Meisterstuck #149, and help stamp out global illiteracy.

Graduation is Coming…

Looking for some good gifts for the upcoming graduation season? How about a nice pen for the graduate. I know–it is such a unique gift, and no one else has thought of it. Right?

Well, if you do want to go the pen route, there are a lot of new options out there. The Fountain Pen Hospital is offering the Bexley Pen Pearlesse Collection at over $100.00 off regular retail price for a limited time. This is an incredible deal for a truly fine writer that any graduating woman (or man) would love to own.

We will be looking at other deals over the next few weeks, but this is one of the best we’ve seen so far!

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is here. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and pens are in the air. Well, not really.

The Namiki Nippon Art Flower Basket Fountain Pen

However, if you really want to celebrate spring with a pen, then the Namiki Nippon Art Flower Basket fountain pen is one way to do it. The Nippon Art Pen uses the beauty of the hira-maki-e technique against a beautiful black lacquer background. The flower basket design displays images of several flowers native to Asia. The fountain pen comes with a 14K gold nib, available in fine or medium. The pen comes in a traditional-style wood gift box from the Orient. This pen is available at many fine pen retailers, and would add functional beauty to any collection.

Santa’s Elves Are Still Working!

Fountain Pen Hospital has a great deal on a beautiful sterling pen. Listed as a Super Special on the site, The Hospital has the Krone Sterling fountain pen on sale. Available with a fine, medium, or broad 18kt gold nib, this solid sterling silver pen is a thing of beauty. I love this pen. It is glorious to hold, and write with. I had the opportunity to handle one, and loved the experience.

So if Santa missed you this year, or you want to play Santa for yourself or another, here is your chance! I wonder if I should play Santa for myself…