I have never been good at calligraphy. I do not have the hand control to form the letters perfectly, and my normal handwriting is too irregular. However, I do like writing with calligraphy pens, even if my writing is not up to par. Just using a calligraphy nib makes my handwriting look a little better than it really is.

Several pen companies offer calligraphy sets that will make anyone’s handwriting look a little better. Sheaffer offers several kits for all levels of calligraphy skill. Speedball offers a smaller selection, but excellent quality nibs for practice and other types of calligraphy pens as well. There are kits available from Manuscript, and Faber Castell, as well.

For those looking to create art, or just play like you can (like I do), look for one. It is a great way to have fun with your handwriting, or learn a prettier way to write!

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