Another Tribute to the Lunar Landing

The accomplishments of Apollo 11, and the lunar landing are the stuff of history and legends.  Omas has created a line of pens to honor the men, and the history of the first trip to the Moon.  This limited edition line of pens was created with the Moon in mind, and it shows.  The ogival shape of the pen honors the shapes and technological achievements of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  The barrel of the pen represents the surface of the Moon after Armstrong took his first steps on its surface.  The carving on the pen clip represents the flight path of Apollo 11’s journey.  The lapis lacquer and lapis lazuli stone of the cap accents the pen beautifully, representing the oceans that cover the Earth.

1000 fountain pens, and 969 roller ball pens were created for this pen, to honor 1969–the year man successfully reached beyond the bounds of our Earth, and landed on the Moon.

The Omas Moon Fountain Pen
The Omas Moon Fountain Pen

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