The Ultimate in Low-Maintenance

A low-maintenance watch, in my book, is one that does not have to be set for the time or the date, does not have to be wound, and looks good while doing those things. The Oceanus Ladies 5-motor watch does all of these things.

Oceanus ladies five-motor, solar, atomic chronographOceanus is Casio’s higher-end chronograph line, and this model follows in classic chrono fashion. It is a classic five-motor chronograph, with a clean sporty face. Each motor controls a movement on the watch face (second hand, chronograph, dual time, date, and 24 hour time). There is no crown on this watch. It does not need one. Once the watch is set for the home time-zone, it will set itself for the time and date. It automatically receives signals from the time-keeping center in Fort Collins, CO every day, resetting the time to split-second accuracy. It can also be manually reset, so you will always know the true accurate time. Along with resetting itself for the time, the date is also automatically set. Never again will you need to fumble to reset the date on your watch at the beginning of a new month. It sets itself for Daylight Savings Time, too.



The face of the watch is a solar cell, powering the watch for up to four months on one full charge. As long as the watch is kept in relatively bright light for part of the day, it will never stop. It never needs a battery change, or an automatic watch winder to power it. It just needs to be worn in the light.


The ladies model of this watch comes in a nice stainless steel case, with either a bracelet or a leather strap. The face is available in black, soft pink, or white. It is not available in too many brick-and-mortar stores yet, but there are several online stores carrying it.

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