Cheap Thrills

Skagen Steel Watch Sometimes, you just find a great deal that you can’t pass up. I found one of those this week. A local discount department store had a small display of several brands of mid-range watches at nearly half off. I had to partake–it would have been a crime if I hadn’t.

Here is my new watch. An inexpensive one, as watches go, but a nice one. It is a Skagen from last year’s collection. The face is rectangle mother-of-pearl, with tiny crystals at all points but 12, 3, 6, and 9. It is a different shape and style for me. This is my first rectangle-shaped every-day style watch. I think I will like it. I was hoping to find a good, mid-sized chronograph or multi-function watch, but settled for a simple face with a date window.

The best part about inexpensive watches, is that you CAN wear them for every day. I wear watches to match what I am wearing, or what I am doing. I have several everyday watches, and I change them like my moods. I think my mood will be rectangle tomorrow…

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