Time for Holiday Gifts!

It is that time of year again! Time to go looking for gifts for all the loved ones in your life. For those of you who have loved ones who love pens and watches, I will be posting about some great gifts and deals online!

First deal is on watches. World of Watches is running a great holiday special. WoW is running a Christmas Coupon Spectacular with some great deals. With some watches at up to $500.00 off, there are some incredible deals to be had.

World of Watches is one of my favorite places to drool over watches. It offers one of the larger online selections of watches, ranging from simple inexpensive to complicated bling. I highly recommend World of Watches. If anyone wanted to get me a gift from there, I would not complain at all!

Review: Invicta Lady Abyss Swiss Quartz

A ladies dive watch with a simple, pretty face. This is the best way to describe the Invicta Lady Abyss Swiss Quartz watch. The Lady Abyss is a true dive watch. However, it is a dive watch with a few flaws.

While simple in design–a three-handed watch with a date window–it is as rugged as a dive watch needs to be. The Lady Abyss has a 34mm case, and a face that is large and clear enough to be read easily in good light. The Mother of Pearl in the face is subtle, and pretty. The date window is magnified through the crystal via a small magnifying. The hour markers, hands, and pointer mark on the unidirectional rotating bezel are painted with Tritnite® luminous paint. Tritnite® does allow the watch markers to glow in the dark if it is charged in bright light, but does not hold its luminosity for very long. This makes it unreliable in very low light for extended periods of time.

The band of the Lady Abyss is sturdy, and does not feel cheap or flimsy. The links are stainless steel, and move easily. However, the pins between the links are easily moved with a small pin, and may become loosened over time. The fold-over clasp is tight and strong, and with the safety should not open under stress.

The Invicta Lady Abyss Swiss Quartz watch is not the most complicated dive watch available for women. However, if you are looking for a simple, sturdy watch capable of withstanding the rigors of basic scuba diving and snorkeling, this would make a good choice.

Invicta Lady AbyssCase material: stainless-steel
Case diameter: 32 millimeters
Case Thickness: 6 millimeters
Band material: stainless-steel
Band length: womens-standard
Band width: 14 millimeters
Dial color: white-mother-of-pearl
Bezel material: stainless-steel
Bezel Function: Uni-directional
Calendar: Date window
Movement: swiss-quartz
Water resistant depth: 660 Feet

The Ultimate in Low-Maintenance

A low-maintenance watch, in my book, is one that does not have to be set for the time or the date, does not have to be wound, and looks good while doing those things. The Oceanus Ladies 5-motor watch does all of these things.

Oceanus ladies five-motor, solar, atomic chronographOceanus is Casio’s higher-end chronograph line, and this model follows in classic chrono fashion. It is a classic five-motor chronograph, with a clean sporty face. Each motor controls a movement on the watch face (second hand, chronograph, dual time, date, and 24 hour time). There is no crown on this watch. It does not need one. Once the watch is set for the home time-zone, it will set itself for the time and date. It automatically receives signals from the time-keeping center in Fort Collins, CO every day, resetting the time to split-second accuracy. It can also be manually reset, so you will always know the true accurate time. Along with resetting itself for the time, the date is also automatically set. Never again will you need to fumble to reset the date on your watch at the beginning of a new month. It sets itself for Daylight Savings Time, too.



The face of the watch is a solar cell, powering the watch for up to four months on one full charge. As long as the watch is kept in relatively bright light for part of the day, it will never stop. It never needs a battery change, or an automatic watch winder to power it. It just needs to be worn in the light.


The ladies model of this watch comes in a nice stainless steel case, with either a bracelet or a leather strap. The face is available in black, soft pink, or white. It is not available in too many brick-and-mortar stores yet, but there are several online stores carrying it.

Cheap Thrills

Skagen Steel Watch Sometimes, you just find a great deal that you can’t pass up. I found one of those this week. A local discount department store had a small display of several brands of mid-range watches at nearly half off. I had to partake–it would have been a crime if I hadn’t.

Here is my new watch. An inexpensive one, as watches go, but a nice one. It is a Skagen from last year’s collection. The face is rectangle mother-of-pearl, with tiny crystals at all points but 12, 3, 6, and 9. It is a different shape and style for me. This is my first rectangle-shaped every-day style watch. I think I will like it. I was hoping to find a good, mid-sized chronograph or multi-function watch, but settled for a simple face with a date window.

The best part about inexpensive watches, is that you CAN wear them for every day. I wear watches to match what I am wearing, or what I am doing. I have several everyday watches, and I change them like my moods. I think my mood will be rectangle tomorrow…

Watches for Women

While it is true that the wrist watch was popularized by men, the first actual watch created to be worn on the wrist was made for a woman. In 1868, Patek Philippe created the first watch meant to be worn on the wrist. Watches of the time period were pocket watches. Women carried pocket watches, too. They were beautiful, but needed to be carried in a small purse, or pinned to the clothing.

In 1868, all that changed. A watch was created for the Countess Koscowicz of Hungary that was small enough to mount on a bracelet. The watch, along with other examples of the craftsmanship of Patek Philippe can be found HERE. Most men thought that a watch worn on the wrist was too small, and would not keep time well. However, the style persisted, and was made popular for men just before World War I. In 1904, Alberto Santos-Dumont, an aviator, asked the French watchmaker, Louis Cartier, to create a watch that would be more convenient to use while Santos-Dumont was flying. Cartier used the inspiration of the first wristwatch to create the Santos wristwatch. Made even more popular during World War I, the wristwatch has evolved into more than just jewelry for a woman. It has become a symbol of taste, elegance, and style.

So if the wristwatch was originally created for a woman, why does it seem that there are so many more watches for men? Some of the most beautiful watches ever created are created with a man’s wrist in mind. It is true that the larger cases on men’s watches give watch artisans more room to work in. However, that is no reason for watchmakers to ignore 50% of the World’s population!

Ladies watches do not have to be small and delicate. They can be bold, functional, and beautiful, all at the same time. Along with pens, I intend to talk about all kinds of watches. While some may be small and delicate, most will be bold and beautiful!