Incredible Works of Art

Hubby and I went to the 9th Annual Easton Art Affair this past weekend. While it is a very small arts fair, it is a good one. All of the artists are very talented, and the pieces are usually interesting and beautiful.

This year, Mestari Designs, owned by artisan Stan Cook and his wife, was in attendance. Originally knows as Long Hollow Pens, the name was changed in 2008 to reflect the other items produced by the company. Mestari uses every type of wood imaginable for pens, sketching pencils, and other gorgeous items including platters and bowls. Some of the pens available include pens crafted out of ancient wood from Scotland, antique wood from Ohio and other states, and olive wood from Bethlehem. I was truly impressed with the quality of the pens.

Based in Letart, WV, Mestari Designs offers some unique and beautiful items. I highly recommend taking a look at their web site, and checking to see if they will be at an art fair near you! You can contact them for more information here.

What’s on the Outside Can Be As Important As What’s on the Inside

The Paradise Pen Co., of Denver, CO, decided that people who like to use Sharpie pens should have a choice of what those Sharpies look like. The Sherpa is a pen cover or shell, designed to go over the body of a Sharpie pen. It will also fit several Uni-Ball pens, and Accent highlighters. It comes in ten great designs, and retails for $29.95. Visit Paradise Pen, or Sherpa Pens to see all of the styles!

When You Wish Upon A Star..

The Monteverde Pen Company is introducing a new collection of pens this fall. To honor the great contributions that Walt Disney made through idea and film, Monteverde created three new lines of pens:

The Sleeping Beauty Collection

The Sleeping Beauty Collection

The Fantasia Collection

The Fantasia Collection

The Walt Disney Signature Collection

The Walt Disney Signature Collection

The Disney movies inspired dreams and feelings for the rich characters and story lines. I have very fond memories of seeing the Disney movies, and loving the characters in them. These pens inspire similar feelings. The rich colors, beautiful lines, and styles represent the movies of the Disney Studios. Each collection includes a fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint. The Sleeping Beauty collection is crafted out of pearly white resin, and has a rose on the end cap. The Fantasia collection’s deep blue resin body is painted from the inside, using a technique called Nabu, and a blue agate is set into the clip. The Walt Disney Signature collection has carbon fiber accents in the pen cap, as well as an onyx stone set in the clip.

The collections are limited to 1959 of each pen type for the Sleeping Beauty line, 1940 of each pen type for the Fantasia line, and 1901 of each pen type for the Walt Disney Signature line. The number of pens in each line is in honor of the release year of the movie it represents, or in the case of the Walt Disney Signature, the birth year of Walt Disney himself.

Any true collector of Disneyana would love one of these pens. I know I would!

For the Baseball Lover in Us All

Looking for a pen for the baseball lover? Want to celebrate a good post-season for your team? Want to say that you actually own a piece of baseball history? Here is a pen just for that purpose.

Ball Park Pens manufactures a line of pens made from the wood from the seats of several of the oldest, and most famous ballparks in the country. The pens are crafted from the wood from the seats of Comiskey Park, Baltimore Memorial Stadium, Milwaukee County Stadium, Crosley Field, Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, Ebbets Field, Forbes Field, and more. The seat wood was saved from the demolition of the parks, or in the case of Wrigley Field, from the renovation of the seating areas in the park. Not all of the parks are baseball parks. The company makes pens from other stadiums as well, including the Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Memorial Stadium, Ohio Stadium, and Green Bay Stadium, to name a few. There are two styles of pens, the color top pen, and the classic pen. Fenway Park pendantIf you don’t like to write, cuff-links, pendants, and bracelets are also available. The pendants and bracelets make great gifts for women.

Each item comes with a certificate of authenticity, stating what stadium the wood in the product came from. The company has been featured in Stylus Magazine, Playboy Magazine, and others. Now anyone can own a piece of sports history!