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Aug 29 2014

New Parker Pens

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Parker Pens has released a new edition of its Duofold Pen collection. The Parker Duofold Centennial Historical Edition comes in three colors; a beautiful big red, lapis lazuli, and white ivorine. Set for delivery in September, these pens are gorgeous. Parker pens have always been at the top of most collectors lists. These new colors will most surely be popular!




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Aug 26 2014

One of My Favorite Sites for Pens

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I often go looking for different and unique web sites for watches and pens. I can do this for hours, and add tons of new links to my bookmarks file every time I do it. One of my favorite sites, and a real go-to site for me, is Jetpens.com. I visit it regularly. Jetpens.com offers pens that you won’t typically find in America. I love its Buy it For Life section, and the blog always has good tips and news about products and promotions. Check it out here!

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Dec 17 2009

Holiday Festival of Writing

The Fountain Pen Hospital is having a Holiday Festival of Writing this weekend at its showroom. They are offering free gifts to the first 100 visitors of each day, and specials on most brands of pens. If you still need to find gifts for those special people in your life, this may just be the place to do it!

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Nov 16 2009

Yet Another Joining of Two Favorite Topics

Tempus PensI am not sure how I did not know about this, but another artisan is combining my two favorite topics, watches and pens. Barry Gross, a craftsman and woodworking artisan created a line of pens that is truly unique and eco-friendly. Old mechanical watch parts, including fly wheels, cogs, and other items from old watch movements, are glued into place over the body of the pen. Once the parts are glued into place, the pen body and cap are coated over a three day period with a non-yellowing acrylic and polished to a smooth finish. The result is a pen with three-dimensional depth to its design. Barry Gross calls the line of pens his Eco-Friendly pens. The watch parts pens join other pens in the Eco-Friendly line, which includes pens crafted from recycled beer caps, cold computer circuit boards, and fountain pen nibs.

Barry Gross is an artisan with over 30 years experience. He works with wood, and pens, and has been featured at pen shows and in pen magazines. His work is amazing, and his watch parts pens are a must for collectors and watch enthusiasts!

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Nov 12 2009

Holiday Expo Time!

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The Fountain Pen Hospital is having its Annual Holiday Expo December 3-5, 2009, from 9am to 5pm. This expo is quite an event, hosting representatives from over 25 manufacturers, and showing thousands of new and vintage pens. If you happen to be in New York City over the first weekend in December, check it out! The Expo is at the Fountain Pen Hospital’s showroom located at 10 Warren Street, New York, NY 10007. Wish I could be there!

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Nov 05 2009

…Oh Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I Found It In My Pen…

The Delta Pen Company has a new collection for the holiday season. The Dreidel Collection is a tribute to the story of the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah, and the children’s game of dreidel (Yiddish) or sevivon (Hebrew). The game is played with a four-sided top, emblazoned with letters on the four sides, and candies or other items that are gambled with. Each player spins the top, and either pays in to the pot or receives from the pot based on the letter that shows up on the top.

The Dreidel Collection comes in two varieties, crafted of Italian resin with solid 925 sterling silver trims. The Sevivon (meaning spinner in Hebrew), comes in a Limited Edition of 358 pieces. The Celebration edition is limited to 48 pieces constructed of celluloid with vermeil trim, and a sapphire on the top of the cap. The fountain pen is a lateral lever fill with an 18kt gold nib. The pens are available in black, rose, white and blue. The dreidel is hidden in the top of the pen cap.

Delta Pens are distributed by the Yafa.

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