Do You Need To Get Into Shape?

At one time or another, nearly everyone feels a need to get into shape, or get back into shape. Exercise may be tough, but tracking your exercise progress doesn’t have to be. Tech4o offers a few choices for this purpose.

Tech4o Women's Sport Watch The Women’s Accelerator TW2 is an all-purpose sport watch. Designed to take the guesswork out of your workouts, the accelerometer works under all weather conditions, indoors and out. It measures distance, speed, and calories burned, giving the information on an easy to read face. It has a built-in personal profile program, allowing the user to customize the watch to her specific body type and exercise level. The bezel is stainless steel, and able to take on most active sports.

Tech4o Women's Running WatchThe Women’s Accelerator RW2 is designed with the runner in mind. It also measures distance, speed, and calories burned, and allows easy stride adjustments for different running speeds using the same accelerometer technology. It also has a personal profile program, for additional customization. Its two-toned pink design is feminine, but not overwhelmingly girly.

Hopefully, you are already in shape. Whether you are or not, these watches may be great tools to help you with your exercise goals!

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