Auspicious Beginnings…

I have always found watches and pens interesting.

I received my first watch (a Mickey Mouse) when I was four years old.  It was a gift from my parents on the last day of a trip to Disney World.  I saw the watch in a display case in one of the gift shops, and thought it was just the neatest thing I had ever seen.  I spent the entire trip home from Florida to Ohio telling everyone in the car what time it was, every 15 minutes.  By the time we got home, I think everyone in my family wished I had lost that watch!

My first fountain pen was a gift from my mother.  It was a Lady Schaefer Skripsert pen that she had had for many years, and did not use anymore.  She gave it to me when I graduated form high school.  We shared a love for writing instruments, and I learned a lot about them from her.  I still have that pen, and it has always been a favorite.  Since receiving that pen, I have used, owned, and collected many more.

So, this site is devoted to two of my greatest interests.  Watches and pens–from a woman’s point of view.

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